Sustainable Materials

Most innovative materials are going to be used acrossed the displayed samples , in line with upcoming trends and season . Sustainable & trendy Biodegradables materials are most likely to be seen , this includes for materials in leather, fabric & other accessories . Fashion Industry in our manufacturing is shifting its gaze to the new systems of leather and fibre production & understanding the need of circular economy , leading to possible recycling of materials during production . Our Manufactures are aggressively engaged with brands & innovating new technology with their supply chains to invent processes and technologies in recycling & reduction of waste , that has minimal impact on environment but are also scalable . Sustainability & transparency is the key focal points as a key driver for change among our manufacturing supply chain.
Manufacturers are working for world’s leading brands in Europe and US & are alert towards Sustainability norms and regulations as set by world’s leading institutions like – LWG, ZDHC , REACH, CPSIA , OEKO-TEX, GOTS, BLUESIGN, Greenpeace detox campaign, and Brands restricted and chemical guidelines.
Manufacturers are constantly working to minimize the environmental impact.
Chrome & Formaldehyde free leathers, solvent free leathers , are being Tanned at most of the Tanneries , which are located near Bantala, a designated space for leather tanning and product manufacturing , Tanned leathers are also free from other hazardous chemicals , which are banned in Europe and USA.
Brands sourcing preferences towards sustainable materials , encourages our manufacturers to use materials which are eco friendly & have lessor impact on environment.
The tanneries are located in Bantala region, state-designated and controlled, modern area. Water quantities are strictly rationalized. Wastewater is pre-treated and post-treated according to regulations.
Together with the tanneries our manufacturers develop process and support them greatly in raising their social and ecological standards. large part of leather comes from tanneries , which are members of the Leather Working Group and are able to achieve “Gold Member” status by adhering to strict criteria.