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  • Stimulates growth & development of the industry as a whole. Through various promotion endeavours and constant upgrading of knowledge and training base to manpower in the industry, ILPA works extensively for the overall development of the leather industry.
  • Promotes export of leather & leather products and organises trade delegations to international fairs & seminars ILPA constantly strives to keep abreast of industry standards and enhance export marketing hotspots; In order to do this it ensures that its members participate/visit in various international trade fairs and shows.
  • Develops & maintains symbiotic liaison with international trade bodies & Chambers of Commerce. It is an essential function of ILPA to maintain diplomatic and congenial relationships with various trade bodies worldwide and to keep them posted on various developments on our industry growth and about our quality processes and infrastructure.
  • Organises various Seminars/workshops both for the benefit of its members and industry. In order to push the envelope of learning new techniques and requirements with global standards, ILPA intermittently organizes workshops and seminars to benefit our members and the industry as a whole.
  • Promotes International Fairs and RBSMs like India International Leather Fair Kolkata, ILPA Buyer Seller Summit. It is part of our endeavour to expand the awareness of Indian leather products and in this context we conduct various fairs on a global platform.
  • Organises the ILPA SHOW : Leather on the Ramp ,one of the most prestigious and sought after Fashion event in Eastern India.
  • Closely involved in setting up the Calcutta Leather Complex(CLC).
  • Runs and manages the Freya Design Studio : a CLE award winning Design Studio both for leather goods and footwear. This is an endeavour to promote the designing aspect and to encourage young talent to work on state of the art machines to give vent to their creativity.
  • Runs and manages the ILPA INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (IIDF)– a state of the art Common Facility Centre. This allows manufactures the ability to expand their horizons of productivity as we allow them to use high class and expensive leather manufacturing machinery to churn out their orders and samples.
  • Imparts Skill Development Training through ILPA Technical School.

Leather Goods Designing & Production Courses

  • Certificate course in Leather Goods Design & Production (6 Months) Qualification: Class 10
  • Advance Certificate course in Leather Goods Design & Production (12 Months) Qualification: Class 12
  • Certificate course in Overview of Leather Goods Manufacturing 2 days week 48 hours (2 Months) Qualification: Class 12
  • Executive Programme in Leather Goods Manufacturing (7 Days 18 hours) Qualification: Class 12

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