Skill Development:

Short term Skill Development courses offered by ILPA through Freya (IIDF) :-

Special Courses:

Course Duration: 3 Months for Foreign Language courses

Course timing and duration cab be customized to suit the needs of the students who are already working or professionals.

Technical Training (ILPA TECH School):

ILPA has been instrumental in setting up and running a socially and economically relevant project in manpower training activities – the ILPA Tech School.

The infrastructure and facilities offered:

Ground Level: Work Station with 30 nos. specialized machinery like clicking, splitting, rivet-fixing, embossing & edge coloring.
1st Level: office, conference room, class rooms
2nd Level: Work station with around 100 nos. single/double needle lockstitch , post bed & cylinder bed machines
3rd Level: space for events, cafeteria, library

The area and location:

Located in Kolkata leather complex, Bantala