Common Facility Centre

ILPA’s Common Facility Centre has been introduced to offer all sort of support to its members. It can help them to reduce their operational costs and investment.

The Common Facility Centre of ILPA(IIDF) has machines like

  • Die-less Cutting Machine
  • Computerized pattern sewing machine which includes quilting and loop stitching,
  • Zig Zag Stitching machine,
  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine,
  • Post Bed Stitching machine,
  • Cylinder Bed stitching machine,
  • Strap cutting machine,
  • Splitting machine,
  • Skiving machine,
  • Fibre shaving machine,
  • Eyelet & rivet fixing machines,
  • Edge colouring machine,
  • Heat embossing machine,
  • “roto” machine and a host of other utility machines.

IIDF charges a nominal amount for using these machines, from its members. Members can bring their operators and work on these machines on an hourly basis or in some cases – in piece basis.